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WWE Royal Rumble PPV Results
January 26, 2014

A video bundle opens concentrating on Randy Orton vs.

We open the display with Daniel Bryan. Large response for Bryan in Pittsburgh.

Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt w/ Luke Harper and Erick Rowan

Daniel Bryan Harper and Rowan he doesn’t need their assist. Wyatt with a large right hands to Bryan externally. Back in the band, Bryan gets in several kicks to your body. Bryan locks the hip and legs of Wyatt, pulls his hands back again and stomps him contrary to the mat. Wyatt attempts to suplex Bryan to the exterior. Bryan lands on the band apron and throws several elbows. Back the band, Bryan and Wyatt trade shots. Michael Cole discusses the concussion that Bryan lately suffered. Back the band, bryan fires back again with a large charge and starts smoking cigarettes Wyatt with a great deal of kicks in the part. Wyatt costs in once again and Bryan pulls down the very best rope to deliver him over. Externally, Bryan with a large running dropkick to the facial skin of Wyatt. Wyatt after that runs forward and amounts Bryan with an enormous clothesline. Bryan will get the YES Lock used, but Wyatt begins biting him to crack it up. Wyatt catches Bryan as he could be executing the suicide dive and links with Sister Abigail on to the floor. Wyatt tosses Bryan back the ring because the crowd in Pittsburgh begins a loud “That is AWESOME” chant. Wyatt hits another Sister Abigail and will get the pinfall.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Backstage, Renee Young has been Paul Heyman. Heyman states his customer Brock Lesnar will undoubtedly be challenging the champion of Randy Orton vs. “Not understand what is being conducted here Renee? This is actually the dawning of a fresh era,” added Heyman.

Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman vs. Big Show

During his entry, Brock Lesnar instantly gets in the band and requires down Big Show rapidly. Paul Heyman tosses a metal chair in the band. The match nevertheless hasn’t officially began. Lesnar grabs the seat and hits Big Display with it repeatedly. Following a few more photos with the seat, Lesnar backs up and states he could be ready. Lesnar after that charges in once again and begins kicking Big Display. Lesnar hits Big Display once again with the steel seat. Heyman now includes a second steel chair at hand at ringside. Lesnar after that tosses the chair out from the ring. Heyman provides Lesnar another chair because the bell bands with Big Show addressing his feet. Lesnar drops back and rolls from the ring. Big Display fights back again to his feet. Lesnar with an increase of chair photos on Big Show this time around to his arm. Big Display will be able to fight it away and toss him back the ring. Big Display yells at Lesnar phoning him a child of a bitch and gets in a large body chance in the part. Lesnar has Big Display on his shoulders and links having an F5! Lesnar will get the pinfall.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

After the match up, Brock Lesnar will take off his gloves, grabs a metal seat and enters the band. Lesnar cracks it on the back of Big Display. Big Show rolls away and Lesnar continues going to him with the seat. Lesnar hits Big Display so difficult that a little bit of the chair breaks away. Heyman tosses Lesnar a 3rd chair and continues going to Big Display with it. After even more photos, Lesnar tosses that seat away. We then observe highlights from the match up including the large KO punch that Big Display linked to on Lesnar and Lesnar’s large F5 on Big Display.

Backstage, we start to see the Shield. Roman Reigns says it’ll only function as three of these that stay. Seth Rollins says at that time they will determine successful, however the Shield will still remain united. Reigns chimes for the reason that he has many tonight. Ambrose asks what it really is. Reigns says he’ll have to learn.

Backstage, cena would go to the trunk of the line. Small introduces how many folks are gunning for his name right now like Brock Lesnar, orton said he could be utilized to it. He stated he is the only real encounter of WWE. Orton states it isn’t Batista, it is not Brock Lesnar, bray Wyatt as well as John Cena.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena

Orton with some quick shoes on Cena and dates back to a headlock takedown to help keep Cena grounded. Orton provides Cena a suplex back the ring outrageous rope. Orton transmits Cena shoulder first in to the steel actions. Orton counters an AA try and connects with a large DDT. Cena vegetation Orton, orton with an altered neckbreaker on Orton. Cena stacks up and connects along with his leg drop to the trunk of the throat of Orton. Orton reaches the ropes. Cena offers Orton up, Orton hangs to the ropes, cena has Orton straight down and back the STF. Orton begins tapping. Cena breaks the keep thinking he received when he views the referee straight down. A loud “That is AWFUL” chant begins. Orton backs up seeking to punt Cena in the top. Cena moves, offers Orton up, orton having an AA on Cena. Cena having an RKO. Orton kicks out of this. Cena accumulates Orton and locations him at the top turnbuckle. The Wyatt Family audio hits and the arena will go black. The lights come back and the Wyatt’s are usually standing on the band apron. This distracts Cena permitting Orton for connecting with an RKO because the Wyatt’s leap off the band apron. Orton will get the pinfall on Cena.

Winner and still WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Randy Orton

After the match up, the Wyatt Family members hits the ring plus they start defeating up John Cena. “Behold the creators of the brand new globe! The Wyatt Family members heads to the trunk. We observe highlights from the closing of the match. Back again live, John Cena offers recovered and heads to the trunk.

Backstage, Renee Young has been the brand new WWE Tag Group Champions, the New Age group Outlaws. Back again live, the street Dogg states the Outlaws perform tag team wrestling the very best. Billy Gunn finishes with two terms: NEW CHAMPS!

We listen to from WWE celebrities about why they’ll earn the Royal Rumble match up tonight. This includes The Miz, The Usos, Big E Langston, Fandango, Batista, Damien Sandow, Ryback and Rey Mysterio. We also check in with the Royal Rumble panel with Jim Duggan, Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair.

30 Superstar Royal Rumble Match

1. CM Punk

2. Seth Rollins

Rollins and Punk trade big kicks. Period expires.

3. Damien Sandow

Period expires.

4. Cody Rhodes

Cross Rhodes on Sandow.

Damien Sandow is removed.

5. (Corporate) Kane

Kane with some large photos on Rollins and Punk earlier.

Kane is eliminated.

He almost tosses Rhodes out aswell. Period expires.

7. Jack Swagger

Rhodes and stares straight down Rusev. Swagger and Rusev trade rights. Time expires.

8. Kofi Kingston

Time expires.

9. Jimmy Uso

Plenty of brawling.

10. Goldust

Punk, Rollins and Rhodes begin to gang through to Rusev. Kingston joins in plus they get him outrageous rope.

Alexander Rusev is removed.

Kingston is tossed more than, rusev dumps him on the barricade and heads to the trunk. Kingston continues to be in the match up. Kingston stacks up, jumps, lands on the band apron and is back the ring. Period expires.

11. Dean Ambrose

Swagger ‘s almost tossed away and hangs on. Period expires.

12. Dolph Ziggler

Time expires.

13. R-Truth

Truth will be kicked off the band apron by Ambrose.

R-Truth is eliminated.

Jimmy Uso is removed.

Time expires.

14. Kevin Nash

Nash hits the band and tosses Swagger away.

Jack Swagger is removed.

Nash continues to obtain in photos on others in the band. Time expires.

15. Roman Reigns

Reigns with an enormous spear on Rhodes.

Kofi Kingston is removed.

Dolph Ziggler is removed.

Reigns tosses Nash away.

Kevin Nash is removed.

Time expires.

16. The fantastic Khali

The fantastic Khali is eliminated.

Ziggler with a large DDT on Reigns.

Cody Rhodes is removed.

Goldust is eliminated.

17. Sheamus

Sheamus with upper body chops to Ambrose. Period expires.

18. The Miz

Time expires.

19. Fandango

He almost will get tossed out by Miz times later on and hangs on. Period expires.

20. El Torito

Torito takes Punk straight down. But Torito counters right into a huricanrana. Fandango holds ongoing outrageous rope. Torito rises best and kicks Fandango out!

Fandango is eliminated.

Torito springboards upward,

El Torito is removed.

21. Antonio Cesaro

Time expires.

22. Luke Harper

Reigns with a large spear on Cesaro. Reigns with a large perfect that drops Punk. Period expires.

23. Jey Uso

Cesaro and Harper trade uppercuts. Time expires.

24. JBL

Big response for JBL as he results in the announce desk and enters the band in his match. Reigns after that tosses JBL out rapidly.

JBL is eliminated.

Time expires.

25. Erick Rowan

Miz ‘s almost tossed out by Rowan.

The Miz is removed.

Jey Uso is removed.

Time expires.

26. Ryback

Rollins and Sheamus hang on when Ryback attempts to toss them both outrageous rope. Period expires.

27. Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio will go after Ryback attempting to toss him more than. Period expires.

28. Batista

Batista cleans home when he hits the band. Batista tosses Rowan over.

Erick Rowan is removed.

Batista launches Ryback away.

Ryback is eliminated.

Alberto Del Rio will be eliminated.

Time expires.

29. Big E Langston

Langston almost tosses Sheamus out. Period expires.

30. Rey Mysterio

Punk and Mysterio both almost go over the very best rope and hold on. Sheamus clotheslines Langston away.

Big E Langston will be eliminated.

Cesaro will be tossing out uppercuts everywhere. Rollins kicks Mysterio in the top sending him out.

Rey Mysterio is removed.

Reigns tosses Harper away.

Luke Harper is removed.

Ambrose and Rollins almost toss out Reigns.

Dean Ambrose is removed.

Seth Rollins is removed.

Antonio Cesaro is removed.

Batista with a spinebuster. Punk kicks Reigns in the facial skin. Kane shows back again upward and pulls Punk out from the ring outrageous rope.

CM Punk is removed.

Kane tosses Punk in to the barricade at ringside and will get in a few photos.

We are right down to Batista, sheamus costs in getting down Reigns. Batista with an instant powerslam on Reigns. Sheamus offers Batista up and vegetation him rolling ahead. Sheamus demands the Brogue Kick. Batista techniques and drops straight down. Sheamus hangs on.

Sheamus is eliminated.

Batista nearly removes Reigns, but Reigns keeps on. Batista strikes very first. Reigns responds with photos. Reigns fires back again with a spear of their own. Reigns accumulates Batista,

Roman Reigns is removed.

Winner of the 2014 Royal Rumble: Batista

After the match up, we observe highlights of the final part of the Rumble. Back again live, Batista gets through to the very best turnbuckle. He yells he will likely be the new champion also to cope with it. Batista factors at the Wrestlemania 30 indication as pyro will go off above the ring.

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