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WWE Monday Night RAW Results
Los Angeles, Ca
February 10th, 2014

Justin Roberts presents Betty White-colored to start the display. Betty White-colored walks away arm in arm along with Big Display. Standing on the particular entrance ramp, White states that this evening she is going to punch some butt.

Triple They would and Stephanie McMahon go out not to talk to Betty, yet to stroll by the girl and make their own way to the particular ring. Large Show scowls at Multiple H when he passes. Multiple H stocks that he will be reconsidering the real face from the WWE. Right after his triumph last week, Daniel Bryan definitely made an instance for themselves. However , also, they are considering the remaining members from the Elimination Holding chamber match.

Randy Orton’s songs hits and slowly strolls to the band. Stephanie informs him which he should go towards the back and get ready for his match up tonight. Orton says which he has been doing a few thinking which usually resulted in your pet wanting to apologize to Stephanie and Multiple H. Orton admits they have been idiotic, selfish plus foolish lately. If this individual wants to get them to happy he then needs to perform what they want. From now on he promises to be the correct Viper. Stephanie asks exactly where this is originating from and Orton responds “the heart”. Orton began their Championship rule in this industry and desires to seize that will momentum once more.

Daniel Bryan comes down to the particular ring. Stephanie tells your pet not to disrupt her plus Triple They would. In fact , from this level forward a scheduled appointment will be required to speak with all of them. Bryan will remind the target audience that he conquered Orton yesterday, despite the disturbance with Kane. Bryan states not be capable to find Kane in the back again. He needs a match up against the Large Red Device. Stephanie states that Kane is upon administrative keep because of their actions a week ago. Yet, the girl points out that will Bryan assaulted Kane 1st (technically). Orton tells your pet that he must be privileged to be in the particular ring along with Triple They would, Stephanie plus himself. Bryan reminds the particular audience it wasn’t such a long time ago that will Orton handcuffed Triple They would in the band and kissed Stephanie before him. Multiple H reacts by giving Daniel Bryan the night time off.

The particular Wyatt Family members v. Goldust, Rey Mysterio & Cody Rhodes

Cody starts the particular match towards Erick Rowan. He fingernails a couple leg techinques and a dropkick before marking in Goldust. Rowan throws Goldust apart at first prior to Dust will get in a few blows. Harper gets the label. Goldust leg techinques him within the gut plus hits the drop strike. Dust strikes a hurricarana as Cody gets the labels and strikes a springboard dropkick. Harper flies out from the ring. Cody grabs Rey and throws him out from the ring to ensure that he countries on his enemy as the display goes to industrial.

Back from your break plus Rowan offers Goldust captured in a chinlock. Rowan your punches Dust within the corner plus tags within Harper. These people hit the clothesline with each other before Cody Rhodes is available in to disrupt. The referee makes your pet leave the particular ring. Bray gets the label and proceeds the attack on Goldust. They 2 men industry punches backwards and forwards before Rowan gets the label. He falls a leg on Goldust and applies to the protect. Goldust leg techinques out. Goldust is whipped hard in to the corner and drops towards the mat. Rowan stomps in the face. Rowan whips Dirt into the part but Dirt bounces back again with an shoulder. Dust knocks and bumps Rowan out from the ring, yet Harper comes him within in time in order to tag themselves into the match up and keep Dirt from producing the label. A moment later Dirt trips upward Harper plus tags within Rey. Mysterio sends your pet into the part and then leaps from the best for a sitting senton. THIS INDIVIDUAL follows having a tornado DDT and protect. Wyatt the actual save. Rey sets each Harper plus Wyatt on with a 619 but Wyatt rolls out from the ring. More of Rey’s group comes to make the conserve. Bodies travel to the outdoors. Bray plus Rey are usually left within. Wyatt strikes Sister Abigail for the earn.

Winners: The particular Wyatt Family members

After the match up Wyatt requires a seat in ringside in the rocking seat. He informs The Protect that they will drop. It is time with regard to his following game to start. Follow the buzzards.

The Protect is in the back along with Renee Younger. They say which they do not speak in riddles like the Wyatt Family. Younger asks Ambrose about lacking defended their United States Tournament. Ambrose attempts to brush this off yet Reigns phone calls him on it. Ambrose announces which he will problem an open invite for the Name tonight.

Betty White is within the back using the Divas. The brand new Age Outlaws approach plus warn the girl that a few of the younger celebrities are planning to perform a technique on her this evening. Instead, these people invite the girl to join all of them for some green tea. She will.

Santino w/ Emma sixth is v. Fandango w/ Summer Rae

Fandango whips Santino in to the corner after which elbows your pet in the back again. The Miz walks right down to commentary such as last week. This individual plugs themselves, smirks, plus leaves. At the same time in the band Santino will a divided followed by the hip throw. Santino applies to a headbutt but Fandango gets their knees as much as block. Fandango heads towards the top string but Santino follows right after. Santino will be knocked back to the middle. Fandango leaps plus hits their leg fall for the earn.

Winner: Fandango

Byron Saxton is in the rear with Sheamus. He requires him regarding his slot machine in the Removal Chamber match up as well as teaming with Alfredia tonight. Sheamus says that this Elimination Holding chamber is no laugh. It’s the final opportunity to subject Wrestlemania and he does not take that will lightly.

Sheamus & Alfredia v. The actual Americans

Zeb decides that will Cesaro will begin the match up. Christian begins for their team. Strut quickly has got the tag plus walks right into a slap. Strut grabs Alfredia and throws him towards corner simply to be strike with a see-saw kick. Alfredia hits the crossbody plus goes for the particular cover yet Swagger leg techinques out. Sheamus gets the label and strikes a straight suplex. Protect but Strut kicks away. Swagger legs Sheamus plus tags within Cesaro. Sheamus hits the neckbreaker. Protect, but Cesaro kicks away. Christian has got the tag plus comes in having an axe-handle. Sheamus gets the label back and trades uppercuts along with Cesaro. Cesaro sends your pet into the part. Sheamus whips Cesaro throughout the ring. Sheamus climbs towards the top string and jumps for a battering ram. Sheamus gets thrown to the outdoors. Sheamus will be on the kitchen apron. Swagger offers a bit of muddiness which allows Cesaro to hit Sheamus away. The masses chants with regard to Cesaro since the show mind to industrial.

Christian has got the tag through Sheamus plus hits the Sunset Turn on Cesaro. Christian jumps out of the band to deliver the punch. Alfredia next leaps from the 2nd rope to have an uppercut. Alfredia flips over Cesaro’s back however gets thrown up full of the air to have an Uppercut. Protect, but Alfredia kicks away. Swagger has got the tag plus comes in roaring. Swagger requires Christian inside a headlock plus rolls around the mat. Alfredia escapes plus manages hitting a strike. Swagger halts him through tagging within Sheamus. Cesaro gets the label and strikes a Strut Bomb/Stomp combination with his companion. Cover, yet Christian leg techinques out. Cesaro stomps upon Christian within the corner. Cesaro next holds Christian in the center of the band for a Large Swing. Strut comes in to operate Christian prior to tagging Cesaro back in. The double group effort does not work out which allows Alfredia to lastly make the label. Swagger will as well. Sheamus pounds upon Cesaro plus hits the shoulder drive in the part. Sheamus strikes a moving Samoan Fall and will go or the protect. Swagger leg techinques out. Strut is set up around the apron and it is hit along with clubbing produces. Sheamus throws him in the ring plus sets up for that Brogue Punch. Cesaro operates in to the band to disrupt with an Uppercut. Sheamus reacts by opting for more clubbing blows yet Swagger the actual save. Alfredia hits a large crossbody upon Swagger to prevent the energy. Sheamus strikes the Brogue Kick for that win.

Those who win: Sheamus and Christian

Renee Young selection interviews John Cena about their match this evening against Randy Orton. Cena says there is great modify ahead using the coming WWE Network. Cena says that this WWE World has taken in order to Daniel Bryan as well as a number of new celebrities. Cena statements that their match this evening against Orton is about the near future. Cena promises to near his competition tonight along with Randy Orton by defeating him in the center of the band. Cena states that anyone that wants to become the face from the company will certainly first need to go through your pet.

Dolph Ziggler v. Alberto Del Rio de janeiro

Alberto begins to pound on Dolph’s skull in the beginning. Ziggler strikes a high dropkick and falls a few elbows. Cover, yet Rio leg techinques out. Ziggler counters the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker into a Fameasser. Cover, yet Rio leg techinques out. Rio de janeiro hits the drop equip bar accompanied by a punch to the head.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio de janeiro

After the match up, Rio proceeds the assault with a Cross-Arm Breaker. Batista’s music strikes and he operates down to the particular ring to help make the save. Batista hits the weak spear and the followers begin to boo. Rio will be tossed in to the steel actions. Batista divots the commentator’s booth aside. Rio will be tossed in to the barricade. Batista sends Rio de janeiro through the desk with an explosive device.

Backstage Multiple H methods Batista. This individual tells your pet that he can not be heading off plus putting De Rio via tables. HHH says that will things possess changed given that Batista has been last close to. Triple They would is just taking care of what is perfect for business. Multiple H announces Batista compared to Del Rio de janeiro for the Removal Chamber PPV.

LITA may be the next inductee for the WWE Hall associated with Fame Course of 2014.

In the back again, Betty White-colored has green tea with the Modern age Outlaws.

The brand new Age Outlaws join in with regard to commentary throughout the next match up. Road Dogg starts off having a Miley Cyrus reference. This is the second Miley mention of the night time. Fantastic.

Curtis Axel and Ryback sixth is v. The Usos

Axel begins the match up against Jey. Uso mocks the NAOs as he your punches Axel. Jey is whipped into the rules and strike with a dropkick. Ryback has got the tag plus stomps aside. Billy will be holding their stomach. Ends up Betty might have done the switcheroo along with her green tea and turned a NAO prank upon Gunn. In the ring Axel is lawful and swapping chops. Axel leaps for any flying forearm and labels Ryback. Manuseio has their face broke into the turnbuckle. Ryback elevates him up to seated placement on top. Manuseio fights your pet off after which springs within with a corkscrew dive. Another Uso has got the tag plus heel leg techinques the recently tagged Axel. Uso provides a Samoan drop plus goes for a protective cover. Axel leg techinques out. Ryback tries to associated with save yet gets thrown to the outdoors. Jimmy Manuseio is the lawful man plus flies from your top turnbuckle with a crossbody to pin number Axel.

Those who win: The Usos

After the match up, Billy Gunn is demonstrated running towards back keeping his bottom. Indigestion. Trigger he’s a good Ass Guy. GET IT?!? Thank you, WWE Innovative.

Dean Ambrose comes down to the particular ring using the Shield in order to issue their open problem. Mark Holly accepts. Roman Reigns fun.

WWE Usa Championship
Leader Ambrose (c) v. Tag Henry

Ambrose is instantly pushed back again so this individual exits the particular ring in order to catch their bearings. Ambrose ducks below Henry within the corner plus lands a few punches. Holly responds having a big shoe to the encounter. Ambrose will be tossed in to the corner equip first. Holly repeats the particular move several times. Ambrose remains manhandled till he is thrown out of the band as the display heads in order to commercial.

Back again from the crack and Ambrose has was able to capitalize. Ambrose works the particular formerly hurt arm associated with Mark Holly. Henry reacts by battling back and striking a World’s Strongest Throw. Cover, yet Seth Rollins comes in to help make the save. The particular referee requires the bell.

Winner through DQ: Tag Henry

Following the match, Dominates hits the spear to maintain Mark Holly down.

The particular Wyatt Family members slowly can make their method down to the particular ring plus towards The Protect. Both organizations are away from ring plus staring at one another from reverse sides. The particular Shield may be the first team to ascend up on the particular apron. The particular Wyatts sign up for them. Dominates enters the particular ring 1st. Bray wants join your pet, but instead will get off the kitchen apron. The rest of The Protect joins Dominates in the band.

The Bellas & Cameron j. w/ Avoi Marie sixth is v. AJ Shelter, Alicia Sibel & Aksana w/ Tamina

Nikki begins the match up against AJ Lee. AJ forgot in order to unclip the girl hat through her pants once again. AJ is raised off the pad and put more than Nikki’s glenohumeral joint. AJ scurries off plus heads out from the ring. As soon as back in Aksana gets the label. Nikki will the earthworm and comes after with a dropkick. Brie has got the tag yet is thrown into the air flow by Aksana. Alicia has got the tag plus goes for the particular cover. Briekäse kicks away. Brie applies to a roll-up but Alicia kicks away. Alicia attempts to choke Briekäse but needs to release the particular hold. Briekäse connects having a dropkick. Cameron j. gets the label and strikes a Thesz Press. Cameron j. slaps aside and comes after with an additional dropkick. Aksana gets the label. Cameron reacts by striking a DDT. Girl The reason why.

Winners: The particular Bella Twin babies

Alexander Rusev is in the rear with Lana and she speaks him as the next large thing.

Ends up Kane reaches the building this evening, so this individual makes their way to the particular ring. He admits that he allows his 1 week punishment. Kane admits in order to interfering along with Bryan yet claims the particular Authority had not been involved.

Daniel Bryan’s songs hits. This individual charges in to the ring plus goes right after Kane. Kane fights as well as starts to remove his match jacket. Kane looks for the chokeslam yet Bryan counter tops and transmits Kane out from the ring. Bryan charges right after with a committing suicide dive. Bryan continues the particular attack away from ring. Kane is dropkicked into the masses.

nontitle Match up
WWE Globe Heavyweight Champ Randy Orton v. Steve Cena

The particular match begins with a headlock from Orton. Cena will be sporting a few new pants. Still from the jean range, but stronger and loose. Cena is going to be damned in case Batista may be the only limited clothed best star. Orton is thrown out of the band for an earlier break. Back again inside plus Cena is applicable a headlock of their own. Cena strikes a cool toss plus goes for a protective cover. Orton leg techinques out. Both men return and on exchanging produces. Cena strikes a half truths dog plus goes for an additional cover in order to no get. Orton applies to a straight suplex however it is turned by Cena. Orton techniques out of the way because Cena applies to a glenohumeral joint block. These people brawl towards the outside of the band. Orton transmits Cena in to the barricade after which back into the particular ring. Protect, but Cena kicks away. Orton stomps and then taunts the masses as the display heads in order to commercial.

Back again from the crack and the masses is chanting “boring”. Orton asks these to hush. Cena lifts Orton up for a large scoop throw. Cena begins to get enthusiastic only to become tossed out from the ring simply by Orton. Cena makes their way back within and directly into a headlock. Orton comes after with a DDT. Cena leg techinques out of the protect. Cena begins to take a defeating from Orton. He is put on the kitchen apron for a hanging DDT. Cena counters simply by tossing Orton to the outdoors. Orton will get back within and is captured in Cena’s arms. Cena lifts your pet up on their shoulders yet Orton will get out plus hits an electrical slam. Cena kicks out from the cover.

Orton sends Cena into the part. Orton searches for a Superplex but Cena fights your pet back. Orton stops your pet from prior to he can jump for a lower-leg drop. Orton uses the very best rope hitting a hanging DDT. Randy starts to giggle after the proceed. Orton efforts an RKO but Cena trips your pet up plus locks with an STF. Orton makes it towards the bottom string for the crack. Cena continues to be hurting from your earlier DDT. Cena efforts a frustration AA yet Orton counter tops it in to an RKO. Cover, yet Cena leg techinques out! Cena springs in order to his ft after a rest and strikes an AA. Cover, yet Orton leg techinques out!

Cena and Orton fight their own way in to the corner. Cena attempts a good AA from your second string, but Orton fights their way away. Cena jumps halfway throughout the ring in Orton for connecting with a Lower-leg Drop. Steve Cena strikes an Mindset Adjustment. The particular WWE Globe Heavyweight Champ is without spilling pinned in the center of the band for the 2nd week inside a row.

Champion: John Cena

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